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  1. If you haven't spoken to your employees' spouses in the past 3 months, you're a bad leader.
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  • "Chronic inflammation has been associated with many medical and psychiatric disorders, including cardiovascular disease, metabolic syndrome, cancer, autoimmune diseases, schizophrenia and depression" - Nutrients v.5(3) 2013
  • allen says there is a Nobel laureate who believes this
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DROdio Pinnacles National Park Cheat Sheet
This park is close! Just a few hours south of the Bay area.
  • Camping Sites
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We've compiled the "10 highest ROI hikes in Yosemite" (all short, under 2 miles; awesome views) and I've catalogued them here for your using pleasure.  PS -- Your Internet connection will be poor in Yosemite -- :computer: print these pages!
  • Also note I pulled much of this info from yosemitehikes.com which is a great resource; please go there to see all the additional detail.
  • Day 1 (if you're doing a 2 day trip)
These destinations are in order assuming you're coming in from the West entrance, i.e., from SF

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